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Device Security


18 Nov

How to protect the mobile device against unauthorized access

Device Encryption

When the user activates a device passcode, all data residing in the application memory is automatically encrypted (device encryption). Access to the data is only possible jailbreaking the device.

Bring your own device

A BYOD app encapsulates and encrypts the data on the mobile device. The app and the data reside in a so called sandbox, a secure space. When needed, a company app running in the sandbox may be deleted remotely. Apps implemented in conjunction with a BYOD tool may be regarded as very secure.

Organizational measures

Caching of data makes off-line use possible. Companies who want to be on the safe side, prevent data caching and local storage of data on the mobile device. This way, sensitive data resides solely on the backend system and can only be retrieved when the user is on-line.