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Native Apps or HTML5

Native Apps

18 Nov

A matter of principle?

Apps may be developed as browser websites. Based on HTML5, a single piece of code can run on different mobile devices. In this scenario, a native browser loads the websites and runs the HTML5 App. In the internet, a vivid discussion has been going on for some time which of the two options is best.

However, there is no general answer to this question.

A WebApp makes sense when the requirements are not to complex. It is a fact, that a single development environment and a single design for all mobile devices make things easier. Also, the capabilities of HTML5 have much improved over the last time, especially regarding response time and off-line functions.

It cannot be denied that a native app provides the best integration in the user environment of the device. Starting with the look and feel: The user expects that all buttons and controls on the device behave the same. A developer wanting to use all features of a device without compromise and give the user a feeling of exclusivity, must consieder a native app.

Anyhow, this discussion should not be led as a war of principles. What is more important is to soberly weigh the advantages and disadvantages in respect of the project requirements.